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Posts tagged "compensation"

Did your personal injury solicitor fail to secure the compensation you need?

Did you receive, through your personal injury claim, all of the compensation you needed? If not, then your personal injury solicitor may have neglected his or her duties.

Rise in clinical negligence claims against NHS unprecedented

We hold professionals such as accountants, architects, solicitors and doctors to a high standard of service for good reason. Negligence in any one of these professions can result in serious harm to clients or patients, whether the harm is financial or physical. When professional negligence results in loss to you, then you may pursue compensation from the party responsible for the loss.

Pre-action protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes (CED), part 3

The Ministry of Justice sets out protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes (CED), and this protocol differs from that used in other kinds of professional negligence claims. We recently discussed the CED protocol up until the point where the claimant and the defendant convene for a pre-action meeting.

You have lost your legal dispute, but why?

A hypothetical situation, but one that is familiar to many, perhaps especially to businesspeople: a predicament has arisen that requires a set of legal skills and knowledge that you do not possess; you have many talents to recommend you, but you are not a solicitor. You need to hire one to resolve the matter in question.

Obtaining compensation after cosmetic surgery gone wrong

In one of our recent posts, we discussed a negligence claim launched against a London cosmetic surgeon who famously performed a breast enlargement operation on live television. The complaint against the surgeon is not in relation to that procedure but to a tummy-tuck surgery that the patient claims went wrong. 

Solicitor negligence can occur at any point in the legal process

If you have been wronged as a result of a solicitor's negligence, then you are not alone. While most legal professionals are well trained and effective in their duties, occasionally solicitor negligence causes harm to clients. An individual or business may be compensated for such harm by seeking help from a solicitor with experience in holding other legal professionals to account.

NHS: Never event due to surgeon's distraction

In one of our recent posts, we discussed an egregious surgical error that occurred at Royal Liverpool Hospital in Merseyside. A patient was in hospital for a minor urological procedure, but a surgeon mistakenly performed a vasectomy. You can read more about the incident here.

31 patients suffer eye damage after botched cataract operations

In the last two years, private healthcare providers have been awarded 70 percent of the contracts offered by the National Health Service. Along with this gradual privatisation of the NHS, serious concerns have been raised regarding patient safety.

26 incidents of procedural or treatment negligence since 2009

Going to hospital is certainly not an enjoyable experience, but it should not be one in which a patient is concerned that a physician will worsen his or her health. There are, of course, many different situations in which a physician or surgeon is unable to treat a patient, but that is often because of the nature of the injury or illness. When a surgeon causes or worsens the injury or illness, however, it is a sign of surgical negligence, for which a patient can receive compensation.

Delivery left mother with life-changing injury

Earlier this month, a High Court judge awarded a 36-year-old London woman £1.59 million after a series of unfortunate and preventable missteps that caused a serious bowel injury. The woman had previously earned £10,700 per month through her work as a vice president within the financial sector, but her injury has left her unable to work and, as such, her award also compensates her for loss of future earnings. She was also awarded interest and her legal costs.

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