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Posts tagged "legal negligence"

You have lost your legal dispute, but why?

A hypothetical situation, but one that is familiar to many, perhaps especially to businesspeople: a predicament has arisen that requires a set of legal skills and knowledge that you do not possess; you have many talents to recommend you, but you are not a solicitor. You need to hire one to resolve the matter in question.

Solicitor negligence can occur at any point in the legal process

If you have been wronged as a result of a solicitor's negligence, then you are not alone. While most legal professionals are well trained and effective in their duties, occasionally solicitor negligence causes harm to clients. An individual or business may be compensated for such harm by seeking help from a solicitor with experience in holding other legal professionals to account.

Will a better market mean more conveyancing negligence?

There are increasing signs that the conveyancing market is turning around, but might that mean an increase in conveyancing negligence? If solicitors stand to make more money through conveyancing, it may be in their best financial interest to serve as many clients as possible, but that may also mean that they will poorly prepare for cases, which could cost the client considerably. While the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme is trying to provide more transparency on law firms' conveyancing practice, it is yet unclear whether this will truly assuage fears of negligence.

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