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Posts tagged "professional negligence"

Failure to protect sensitive information a rising problem for UK professionals

It seems that each week we hear of a new digital security breach that compromises users' sensitive data. When such a breach results in harm to an individual or business, there may be grounds for a claim of professional negligence.

Probate solicitor's negligence can prove costly to families

As will writing and probate solicitors, Ronald Fletcher & Co. provide a variety of estate planning services. These include drafting out and updating wills; execution and enforcement of powers of attorney; help with applying to the Court of Protection; estate valuation; distribution of assets and debts; and representation of parties involved in disputes over wills.

Did your personal injury solicitor fail to secure the compensation you need?

Did you receive, through your personal injury claim, all of the compensation you needed? If not, then your personal injury solicitor may have neglected his or her duties.

Buying or selling a home? Instruct a property solicitor to avoid unwanted surprises

The solicitors of Ronald Fletcher & Co. understand that buying or selling a home can be extremely stressful. When negotiating and completing what could be one of the most decisive transactions you ever make, it is important to have the guidance of a conveyancing solicitor.

Report: Self-employed professionals unaware of professional indemnity insurance

Professionals such as accountants, engineers, architects and providers of legal advice and services can cover themselves against legal claims by purchasing professional indemnity insurance.

Rise in clinical negligence claims against NHS unprecedented

We hold professionals such as accountants, architects, solicitors and doctors to a high standard of service for good reason. Negligence in any one of these professions can result in serious harm to clients or patients, whether the harm is financial or physical. When professional negligence results in loss to you, then you may pursue compensation from the party responsible for the loss.

Accountant negligence a costly reality for London businesses

If you own a business, then you undoubtedly rely heavily on your accounts to make decisions regarding the short and long terms. Accounts also must be current and detailed in order to calculate taxes and accurately value the company.

Court finds conveyancer negligent after failing to inform of wind farm

When considering the purchase of a home, you undoubtedly expect your conveyancing solicitor to carry out all of the necessary searches to ensure that the property, and those surrounding, will be conducive to your enjoyment of your new residence.

Challenging a negligent solicitor may be daunting, but you are still owed justice

One issue that sometimes comes up in cases of solicitor negligence is that our client -- the claimant -- is understandably reticent to challenge his or her former solicitor. After all, the client has placed his or her trust in a legal professional, presumably for good reason, and now questioning and challenging that person's performance of legal duties may seem a bit daunting, especially if the client and the former solicitor enjoyed a good relationship previously.

Legal recourse for clients harmed by professional negligence

For many people who have been harmed because of professional negligence, the initial trouble is that they don't know how to start the process of holding the negligent party to account. To whom does one turn when faced with financial harm caused by the faulty work of an accountant, architect, surveyor, solicitor or other professional?

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