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Posts tagged "lawsuit"

26 incidents of procedural or treatment negligence since 2009

Going to hospital is certainly not an enjoyable experience, but it should not be one in which a patient is concerned that a physician will worsen his or her health. There are, of course, many different situations in which a physician or surgeon is unable to treat a patient, but that is often because of the nature of the injury or illness. When a surgeon causes or worsens the injury or illness, however, it is a sign of surgical negligence, for which a patient can receive compensation.

UK doctor loses licence in London, moves to US

In Britain, a doctor was convicted of manslaughter in the death of a woman he had injected with sedatives. In the U.S., he has allegedly injured a number of patients by posing as a spinal surgery specialist. Now, he is set to have his licence stripped in the U.S., 13 years after he lost his licence in the U.K. Has this doctor learned from his medical negligence, however?

Delivery left mother with life-changing injury

Earlier this month, a High Court judge awarded a 36-year-old London woman £1.59 million after a series of unfortunate and preventable missteps that caused a serious bowel injury. The woman had previously earned £10,700 per month through her work as a vice president within the financial sector, but her injury has left her unable to work and, as such, her award also compensates her for loss of future earnings. She was also awarded interest and her legal costs.

Hospital warned with theatre closure after failing standards

London residents may be aware that a surprise inspection at Derriford hospital found that only four of the nine national standards of care were being met. The Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust responsible for the unit has been ordered to make immediate improvements by the Care Quality Commission after a series of 'never events." Named due to the fact that they should never occur, the high number of incidents has led to a threat of theatre closure and prosecution if action is not taken.

Pregnant woman dies after surgeons remove the wrong organ

A heavily pregnant woman who was admitted to Queen's Hospital in Romford with stomach pains died after trainee surgeons removed an ovary rather than her appendix. The 32 year-old woman was suffering from appendicitis, but, subject to a 'litany of errors" that left her husband 'revolted", she died from multiple organ failure after developing sepsis due to her untreated condition.

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