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Conveyancing Negligence Archives

Caution urged in buy-to-let transaction lending

The conveyance of property involves multiple steps. If just one of these steps is not completed correctly, it is possible issues could arise with the entire transaction. Through the rest of the month, a property risk expert is urging conveyances and mortgage lenders to pay even closer attention to lending risks. This is due to an expected increase in the number of buy-to-let property transactions. The anticipated rise in transactions of this nature is due to a stamp duty increase that takes effect the first of April. 

Suggestions for reducing conveyancing complaints

In any transaction involving real estate, there is usually a large sum of money involved. Because of this it is vital that the process is handled correctly from start to finish. When this doesn’t happen, it is possible the transaction itself could be at risk. In other situations, disputes could arise after the fact, as a result of the way the transaction was handled.

Solicitor negligence may arise in property conveyance transaction

Some people engage in transactions involving large amounts of money on a regular basis. For most people however, transactions of this nature are limited to the purchase or sale of their home. Called conveyancing, this is generally a complicated process resulting in a great amount of stress.

Solicitors have duty to report critical details to lenders

When someone hires a solicitor to assist in a conveyancing, there is an expectation that individual will do all he or she reasonably can to make sure the process goes smoothly. Recently, the Court of Appeal ruled on what information solicitors need to report to lenders.

Architecture negligence could prompt legal action

There is no question that a building or remodelling project is a big undertaking. In addition to being time consuming it is usually quite expensive. When things don’t go as planned, a project can take even longer and cost even more. This can have a devastating impact on the project as a whole. In some cases it could even spell financial disaster for the party behind the project. 

Could failure to recommend flood search lead to negligence claim?

When it comes to the sale and purchase of property there are many things that all parties to the deal need to take into account.  While securing the necessary financing and making sure an appraisal and title search are conducted correctly are probably some of the things that come to mind when someone thinks about issues that could arise, there are others that could be beneficial to consider. A ground stability check to determine the risk for sinkholes is one of those things.

In property conveyance all parties must perform assigned roles

The transfer of property from one individual or business, to another is the biggest business deal many in London will be involved in. Generally there are three parties that are a part of this process. Assuming each of these parties perform their responsibilities properly, the process may run smoothly and be relatively painless for all involved.

Negligence in conveyancing expected to rise

There are many things that someone might hire a professional to help with. While it is possible professional could engage in negligence in any of these relationships, the results of a study released earlier this summer by Searchpoint, indicates there is one type of case where this is more likely to occur than others—conveyancing.

Professional negligence in investing could lead to financial loss

There are multiple situations in which a professional hired to do something for a person or business could result in damage to the party that did the hiring. Whether that damage is physical, emotional or financial, when it is the result of negligence on the part of the professional, it may be actionable. Investing is one situation in which this could arise. 

When property solicitor is negligent legal claim could make sense

For many people in the United Kingdom, their home is the most expensive thing they will ever purchase. Accordingly, in turn, it is also one of the most stressful processes someone will experience. To help it go as smooth as possible, most people rely upon professionals in the field. One of those individuals is a property solicitor.

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