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Why are the number of solicitor negligence claims dropping?

To readers of this blog it may seem as though there is an abundance of solicitor negligence claims that are regularly filed. While most would likely agree that even one such claim is too many, statistics recently released indicate the number of these matters that were reported last year was down. More specifically the number of law firms facing professional negligence claims in the High Court was nearly cut in half last year as compared to the year before.

In 2014, the number of these claims filed in the High Court totalled 418. In 2015, that number was down to 221. This drop follows an at least two year increase in the number of claims filed. This drop is likely due to multiple factors. One of them is where credit crunch claims are concerned-- many ran out of temr to pursue them.

While solicitor negligence claims can of course be filed related to many different case types, the RPC reports the most have come from two specific types. The first is from women, in regard to their divorce settlements and the second, in conjunction with litigation where ‘no win, no fee’ agreements are in place.

The decline may be a bit misleading however. This is because City firm ROC, which conducted the data, indicated some case types have been frozen via ‘standstill agreements.’ This means that there could be a large number of claims waiting to be filed.

Regardless of why someone field a solicitor’s negligence case, as is true with any legal matter, it is important to hire a solicitor who understands matters of this nature.

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