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Suggestions for reducing conveyancing complaints

In any transaction involving real estate, there is usually a large sum of money involved. Because of this it is vital that the process is handled correctly from start to finish. When this doesn’t happen, it is possible the transaction itself could be at risk. In other situations, disputes could arise after the fact, as a result of the way the transaction was handled.

The Legal Ombudsman recently provided statistics regarding conveyancing complaints filed. It reported 23 percent of the complaints it received, concerned conveyancing. Matters prompting the complaints could take many forms including:

  • Delays
  • Communication issues
  • Information gaps

The ways in which those involved in this field might combat the problems includes establishing best practice guidelines for agents and conveyancers to adhere to. Similarly, the parties involved should work to return calls and emails promptly. In addition, monthly discussions regarding the progress expected to be made, as well as weekly updates on that progress, can go a long way toward keeping all involved on the same page.

The failure to do these things could lead to bad feelings between the parties involved. While in some cases this will have little to no impact on the conveyance, other times it could lead to more severe consequences. When negligence is involved, legal action could be required to resolve the matter.

Since there is often a lot on the line in these scenarios, when situations like this arise, it is important the party that is negatively impacted works with a solicitor who has knowledge of how these cases should be addressed.

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