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February 2016 Archives

Suggestions for reducing conveyancing complaints

In any transaction involving real estate, there is usually a large sum of money involved. Because of this it is vital that the process is handled correctly from start to finish. When this doesn’t happen, it is possible the transaction itself could be at risk. In other situations, disputes could arise after the fact, as a result of the way the transaction was handled.

Outcome of solicitor's negligence case dependent on facts

While most who hire a solicitor to help them with a legal issue likely assume the solicitor will do everything possible to lookout for their best interest, the reality is this does not always happen. Instead, all too often the standard of care put toward a legal matter falls below the accepted standard. When this happens, it is possible the party who hired the solicitor to assist them, could find that they have suffered a great loss. In these situations, it may be possible to recoup damages for those losses via a solicitor’s negligence lawsuit.

Why are the number of solicitor negligence claims dropping?

To readers of this blog it may seem as though there is an abundance of solicitor negligence claims that are regularly filed. While most would likely agree that even one such claim is too many, statistics recently released indicate the number of these matters that were reported last year was down. More specifically the number of law firms facing professional negligence claims in the High Court was nearly cut in half last year as compared to the year before.

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