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January 2016 Archives

SRA faces allegations of solicitor bias

As is the case with many professions that serve consumers, in Great Britain, solicitors are governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Among other things, it is the agency to which solicitor complaints can be made by clients. Depending upon the outcome of the SRA’s review of the complaint, it is possible the solicitor could face disciplinary action. Recently, some consumers alleged the SRA has a bias toward solicitors.

Solicitor negligence may arise in property conveyance transaction

Some people engage in transactions involving large amounts of money on a regular basis. For most people however, transactions of this nature are limited to the purchase or sale of their home. Called conveyancing, this is generally a complicated process resulting in a great amount of stress.

Would standardised solicitors test reduce negligence claims?

When someone seeks the assistance of a solicitor to resolve a legal matter, there is no question that most seek the most qualified solicitor available. But just how is that determined? If the Solicitors Regulation Authority moves ahead with a plan, that may become easier. The organisation is looking into the creation an assessment that to practice, all solicitors would have to pass.

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