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December 2015 Archives

Why might solicitors in negligence case opt to settle?

In any type of legal litigation there is more than one way the matter might be resolved. This is not an exception when it comes to professional negligence lawsuits against solicitors. Cases of this nature may be filed when a solicitor hired to handle a legal matter acts in a negligent manner or does not provide the standard of care expected. Recently a professional negligence claim against a law firm settled.

Solicitor negligence cases may arise in family, personal injury

There are many reasons that individuals seek assistance from solicitors in legal matters. Regardless of the reason this help is sought, there is an expectation that the legal professional hired will live up to the duty of care prescribed. When this does not happen, and a client experiences damage as a result, it is possible the person who hired the solicitor could take legal action to recoup damages for the way in which they were harmed.

All solicitor tasks associated with property matter are important

When solicitors are hired to by clients to handle property matters, it is expected they will perform all tasks associated with the task as others hired for the job would do. When they do not, the party that hired the solicitor could file a solicitor negligence claim against them. These claims require a certain finesse that those who do not regularly handle such cases do not have.

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