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October 2015 Archives

Architecture negligence could prompt legal action

There is no question that a building or remodelling project is a big undertaking. In addition to being time consuming it is usually quite expensive. When things don’t go as planned, a project can take even longer and cost even more. This can have a devastating impact on the project as a whole. In some cases it could even spell financial disaster for the party behind the project. 

Could failure to recommend flood search lead to negligence claim?

When it comes to the sale and purchase of property there are many things that all parties to the deal need to take into account.  While securing the necessary financing and making sure an appraisal and title search are conducted correctly are probably some of the things that come to mind when someone thinks about issues that could arise, there are others that could be beneficial to consider. A ground stability check to determine the risk for sinkholes is one of those things.

Report indicates UK legal sector involved in money-laundering

There are many occupations in the United Kingdom that require professionals to work with large amounts of money. Because of the potential loss that could occur if the money is not managed correctly, there are rules about how it should be handled. Despite these rules, some professionals use money that is not theirs in ways that are not intended. An example of this is money-laundering.

Solicitors could face repercussions for mishandling of funds

There are multiple ways in which a solicitor in London could be negligent with respect to the services he or she provides clients. One of those ways is by mishandling of money. This is true whether the solicitor mistakenly mishandles the money or does so on purpose.

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