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September 2015 Archives

Would unbundling impact solicitor negligence claims?

The London Services Board recently suggested that solicitors through the nation take a different approach to practicing law. It is promoting the use of ‘unbundled’ services. Under this scenario clients would be charged less because they would complete some of the work on their case, themselves. It is seen as being particularly useful in legal matters relating to families.

Negligent solicitors could face criminal as well as civil actions

When someone dies it can be emotionally difficult for those left behind to process the loss of their loved one. In addition to working through one’s emotions, in some situations people need to address the probate of the estate. Because this can be complex and exacerbate what is already a difficult time, many turn to a solicitor for assistance.

In property conveyance all parties must perform assigned roles

The transfer of property from one individual or business, to another is the biggest business deal many in London will be involved in. Generally there are three parties that are a part of this process. Assuming each of these parties perform their responsibilities properly, the process may run smoothly and be relatively painless for all involved.

Negligence in conveyancing expected to rise

There are many things that someone might hire a professional to help with. While it is possible professional could engage in negligence in any of these relationships, the results of a study released earlier this summer by Searchpoint, indicates there is one type of case where this is more likely to occur than others—conveyancing.

Failure to protect sensitive information a rising problem for UK professionals

It seems that each week we hear of a new digital security breach that compromises users' sensitive data. When such a breach results in harm to an individual or business, there may be grounds for a claim of professional negligence.

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