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August 2015 Archives

Law firms reported to the SRA for possible malpractice

Solicitors in London who are hired to assist in legal matters must provide a level of service that others in a similar position would provide under the same circumstances. The failure to provide that level of service could result in harm to the client. In some situations that harm could be severe. When that occurs, legal action may be taken against the solicitor.

Professional negligence in investing could lead to financial loss

There are multiple situations in which a professional hired to do something for a person or business could result in damage to the party that did the hiring. Whether that damage is physical, emotional or financial, when it is the result of negligence on the part of the professional, it may be actionable. Investing is one situation in which this could arise. 

Real estate fraud a problem in England

When property in England is sold there are a variety of matters that must be addressed to make sure that the transfer of property is done correctly. For example, the Land Registry will verify the entitlement of an owner to property, when it is registered. Following this step, lenders providing the loans necessary to make the purchase, must verify the records and ratify the identity of the loan holder. While there are certainly instances when actions such as these uncover issues with a transaction, they are apparently not enough.

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