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July 2015 Archives

Goals in professional negligence cases vary

When an individual or business hires a professional to provide a service, often a great amount of trust is placed in the hands of the person or business hired. Accordingly, when the professional acts in a negligent manner, that results in harm to the hiring party, there can be a great sense of betrayal. Despite this, in some situations, the party that engaged the services of the professional in the first place may be hesitant to take action against them. There are multiple reasons for this including the desire to maintain a business relationship.

When property solicitor is negligent legal claim could make sense

For many people in the United Kingdom, their home is the most expensive thing they will ever purchase. Accordingly, in turn, it is also one of the most stressful processes someone will experience. To help it go as smooth as possible, most people rely upon professionals in the field. One of those individuals is a property solicitor.

Manchester Building Society's accounting firm fined £975,000

In a post this past spring we wrote about a lawsuit that had been filed against an accountancy firm, by Manchester Building Society. In that post we mentioned that the building society's claim against the accounting firm was valued at £49 million. The claim specifically alleged accounting Grant Thornton provided regarding interest rate hedging swaps:

Options for funding solicitor's negligence case

Each day small businesses throughout the United Kingdom engage in business relationships with others. In many instance theses relationships result in positive outcomes. When they don't however, the small business may be left in a bad place financially. Sometimes the party a small business has an issue with is its solicitor.

Solicitor negligence case leads to £1.8m award

The average person is not trained to handle a legal matter should it arise. Accordingly, when an issue necessitating legal attention does occur, most seek assistance from a solicitor. Whatever the legal need, the person engaging the assistance of the solicitor expects that individual to do what is expected to secure the best possible outcome. Unfortunately this does not always occur and due to negligence on the part of the hired solicitor those in need of legal help can find that they are in a worse position than they were previously. 

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