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Will Solicitors in London - What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that states what happens to your property, assets, children and wealth after your death. In addition it can state details of the person dealing with formalities (your executor) and preference of ceremony.

Why should I make a Will?

Making a will can be a daunting and unappealing task. However should you die intestate (without making a will) the consequences can be detrimental to your family and loved ones.

These are some reasons for writing a will:

- Presently if you die without writing a will there is no automatic right for your partner to inherit anything.

- You can avoid unnecessary inheritance tax or capital gains tax.

- You can appoint who can care for your children should you and/or your partner die. Care for elderly or facilities can be set out should you die.

- If you are separated but still legally married, a Will can prevent your ex husband or ex wife from having a claim your wealth or estate.

- If you are not married to your partner they will usually receive nothing from your inheritance, not even a house if you have been sharing.

- If you have no relatives, your property goes to the Crown.

- If you have made a Will previous to your marriage, then the Will is automatically revoked.

Why should I use a Will writing service from a solicitor and not from a Will writer or a DIY Will kit?

- As exposed by BBC Panorama Will writers are not regulated and may not be insured thus leaving you with little protection should anything go wrong the same applies to the DIY will kits you can buy off the internet.

- Will writing services from Solicitors are regulated by the SRA - Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

- Will writing services from Solicitors are fully insured with the backing of the Solicitors Compensation Fund, which protects consumers.

Why choose Ronald Fletcher Solicitors in West London for Will writing services?

- We have 30+ years of experience with thousands and thousands of satisfied clients.

- We will use our 30 years + experience to help you with the current inheritance Tax liability.

- We write Wills according to what you want advising you of possible negative consequences (eg claims or challenges) with practical solutions.

- We have 30+ years experience of emotional and/or stressful situations.

- Home and hospital visits can be arranged for you, friends and/or relatives if needed.

- We are competitively priced with No hidden extras No expensive add ons.

- We will store your Will in our secure wills safe at no additional charge.

Once you have chosen Ronald Fletcher to write your will, what next?

If you would like Ronald Fletcher & Co to write a will for you then please fill in our will questionnaire and we will contact you as soon as possible, alternatively call us 0207 624 0041