Lasting Powers Of Attorney

The Myth

There is a common myth about Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs) - that you only really need to consider them if you are elderly or have concerns about your health. In fact, at Ronald Fletcher & Co. in London, we encourage all our clients to consider appointing someone to manage their affairs and take decisions about their health - before it is too late. Why?

  • In life the unexpected happens. If you become ill or have a serious accident, you may not be able to take decisions for yourself. Those around you will have to deal, not just with the emotional fallout of what has happened to you, but to manage your affairs, they will have to instigate the cumbersome and expensive Court of Protection process
  • LPAs are only effective after they have been registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. This can take up to three months - a period of time in which you or a loved one may deteriorate to an extent that makes any LPA ineffective

Lasting Power Of Attorney: Preventing Fraud

LPAs are not just a bureaucratic measure. They were introduced in 2007 to prevent fraud - and they provide invaluable reassurance that your affairs will be managed by someone you trust and that decisions about your medical care will always be in accordance with what you wish.

How We Work

Derek Rosenblatt advises on both types of LPA, the Property and Affairs LPA and the Health and Welfare LPA. Often this will be as part of a comprehensive estate planning strategy. Remember, you will be:

  • Deciding what decisions you want someone else to make for you should you lose capacity to make them yourself
  • Choosing someone to take those decisions
  • Deciding how those decisions will be made
  • Making limitations on the decisions that can be made

So this is not a form filling exercise. We go to great lengths to explain the significance of the LPA and to ensure you understand the full extent of what you are agreeing to.

Often we will seek confirmation from your doctor that you are medically able to enter into an LPA.

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