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Tattooists must work appropriately with great skill and care, following all aspects of health and safety laws. You could be entitled to claim compensation on a no win no fee basis if the this did not apply to you.

What standards should you expect when getting a tattoo?

  • The tattooist should ask you a list of medical questions before starting on your tattoo.
  • They should display a health and safety certificate.
  • The tattooist should inform you of the appropriate after care advise.
  • They should ask you about any allergies or health care problems that may effect you. They are obliged to keep these records of yours for 2 years.
  • They should use a new sterile needle on every customer.
  • The tattooist should wash their hands before starting and wear disposable gloves.

If you have developed a skin condition/infection/allergic reaction following the tattoo you will have to prove that this did not develop as a result of your lack of care after you had the tattoo.


If you would like to make a claim for compensation then you must obtain the following information:-

  • The full name and address of the tattoo parlour.
  • The name of the tattooist.
  • Confirmation of the date it was undertaken.
  • Take clear photographs showing your tattoo or any related skin condition.
  • What complaints have been made to the tattooist or parlour. Document their response.
  • What medical attention have you received?
  • Have you visited another tattooist?
  • Have you had the tattoo removed?

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