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Have you or a family member been unlucky and had a slip, trip or fall in a public place such as a shopping centre or public highway? If so you may be able to claim on a no win no fee basis.

The owner of the public place and your local highway authority is legally responsible for the maintenance of their building or road. If you have been unfortunate to slip, trip or fall as a result of a broken paving slab or pot hole in the road or pavement, or a hazard in a public building and we are able to prove that this was at fault of the owner or highway authority you could be entitled to compensation for your personal injury.

At Ronald Fletcher & Co we have a great track record and strong experience in dealing with slip, trip and fall claims. Our specialist personal injury solicitor has years of experience in studying inspection records with a view of finding weaknesses in their defence, and an expert in winning compensation for you. We will not pass your case on to a junior solicitor. Derek Rosenblatt has had over 30 years of experience will personally deal with your claim and update you at each stage.

What you should do if you have had a slip, trip or fall accident?

  • Ask for any witnesses to your slip, trip or fall, take all their details.
  • Ask for any witnesses who can comment how long the defect has been in that state.
  • Take clear photographs of the defect. If possible include a guide of measure such as a ruler in the photo.
  • Take photographs of the surrounding area.
  • Report the accident to the shop manager, public building owner or to the local authority.
  • Seek medical advice immediately.

Examples of successful slip, trip and fall cases we have won recently:-

  • Women fell over a bread basket that had been left in a dangerous position in a supermarket isle. The lady was rewarded £10,000 compensation
  • A bus braked suddenly resulting in a women falling over and hurting the base of her spine. The lady was rewarded £7,500 compensation.
  • A women tripped over a raised paving stone, causing her to break her shoulder. The lady was rewarded £5,000 in compensation.
  • A man slipped over in a supermarket from excess water dripping from a broken fridge cabinet display. He was rewarded £3,500 in compensation.

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