Road Traffic Accidents Claims

Claiming Compensation for Cycling Injury Cases and Other Road Accident Matters

Our road accident department is very experienced in processing claims and in working with road accident claims companies, insurance companies, engineers, specialists, vehicle repair and hire companies, as well as medical personnel. We are skilled at negotiating vehicle repairs and sorting out matters and claim settlements with insurers.

No-win no-fee: We will work with you to find out more about your case. If possible, we will take on the case at no cost to you.

We use an effective case management computer system that enables us to keep track of and process all the various actions and information required to handle your claim, in order to provide you with an efficient road traffic accident claims management service.

Whether you were injured as a passenger, pedestrian or driver, you should be entitled to compensation so long as the accident was not your fault. We also handle accidents involving cyclists, trucks, cars, motorcycles, lorries, and public transportation.

We may be able to help you recover compensation for loss of earnings due to the accident causing you time off work or the cost of a replacement hire vehicle. If you incur medical and transportation expenses, we may also be able to recover these costs and arrange interim payments.

What You Can Claim Compensation For in Road Accidents

  • Injury suffered by drivers, passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists
  • Loss of earnings as a result of injuries or the death of a loved one in a fatal accident
  • Compensation towards repairs to your vehicle, car, motorbike or bicycle
  • Payment for an engineer's inspection
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Travel expenses such as taxi fares
  • Care and assistance provided by friends and relatives
  • Modification to your home if your road accident causes disability
  • Cost of physiotherapy and other treatments required as a result of personal injury
  • Road traffic accidents caused by an animal

Cycling Injury and Road Accident Claims

The following are examples of recent road traffic accident claims that the London road accident solicitors at Ronald Fletcher & Co have dealt with:

  • A pedestrian crossing the road was hit by a car which failed to stop. He fractured his leg and was left with a permanent limp. Claim settled for £33,000.
  • A man driving a car was hit by another vehicle, causing major injuries to his face, arms and leg as well as internal injuries, forcing him to retire early. Claim settled for £250,000.
  • While a man was walking on pavement, a driver lost control, mounted the pavement and squashed him against a wall. He suffered major internal injuries. Claim settled for £150,000.

You should contact an injury solicitor first before you report your claim to an insurance company. It is very important you have a qualified experienced solicitor acting for you. Your insurance company will try very hard to get you to use a solicitor on its panel. This is because the company earns a lot of commission from your case (minimum of £1,500). The company is not passing you onto the most experienced or qualified solicitor; it's passing you to a company that is willing to pay the most for your case. Often this is not even a solicitors' firm — it is a claims company that will again sell your case to the highest bidder.

Not only does this system take time, but it also does not guarantee you a good service. You need a reliable, personable solicitor to represent you. Ronald Fletcher & Co. will act quickly and thoroughly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Contact an Experienced Road Accident Claims London Solicitor

Call 0207 624 0041 for your free initial telephone advice and to book an appointment. Our London solicitors for personal injury and probate look forward to helping you resolve your legal issues. No-win no-fee arrangements are available for some litigation claims, meaning you will pay nothing unless we win your case.