Animals Involved in Road Accidents Claims

Drivers v Farmers - What You Should Know About Animals On the Road

If you live in a rural area in the UK you will no doubt be aware of the dangers of livestock on the road. We have set out some pointers for each party to be aware of in respect of livestock.

Preventing Animal Accidents on the Road


  • Drivers should be extra vigilant when travelling in rural areas
  • Drivers should use appropriate lighting ie full beam, where appropriate to aid visibility
  • If an accident does occur, seek support from witnesses or police - do not leave the scene
  • Be aware of livestock issues ie foot and mouth outbreaks, which lead to increases in the likelihood of escape and erratic behaviour of livestock


  • Owners of livestock must ensure that their animals are secured
  • Animals most likely to escape and cause road accident are sheep, pigs and cows
  • As animals are vulnerable and can behave in a volatile manner, and even if secured can escape and present a danger to drivers
  • A farmer can be negligent if s/he is found to have "failed to keep livestock in a safe area"
  • Obtaining insurance against compensation claims is always a sensible option as legal fees can be costly if you lose a case

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