London Professional Negligence Solicitors

At Ronald Fletcher & Co., we are here to help you if you have been harmed by a London professional whom you trusted with a sensitive situation because you believed he or she was an expert. Whether you have been the victim of dental malpractice, your case suffered because of a negligent solicitor or a real estate purchase resulted in costly mistakes because of a mistake by a surveyor or architect, we are here to help you explore and exhaust your legal remedies for compensation.

We know that these claims are not easy to prove. In fact, to establish negligence has taken place you must show that the actions in question by the professional resulted in personal financial loss and harm to you. At Ronald Fletcher & Co., we will work closely with you to examine the value of your claim, conduct an exhaustive investigation and inform you of the possible plan for achieving a successful outcome.

Resolving Dental Malpractice and Other Types of Professional Negligence Claims in West London

Our London professional negligence solicitors handle all types of claims, but we focus on:

  • Solicitor's negligence: We pursue compensation for you after a solicitor has caused you harm by negligently ruining your legal matter.
  • Medical negligence claims: If you have been injured by a medical professional of any kind, we can help you recover.
  • Cosmetic surgery gone wrong: If a surgeon has injured you due to his or her negligence, you are entitled to compensation.
  • Dental negligence: If a dentist has incorrectly performed a procedure on you, we will investigate to determine whether or not you can recover from him or her.
  • Surveyors and other professionals: If a real estate matter has gone downhill because of a negligent surveyor or other professional, we can help.

When we take on your professional negligence claim, we will help you obtain and thoroughly analyse the paperwork and files from the professional in question. In certain situations, we may use advice from another professional to help prove your case is negligent. If we can prove your claim, we will consider what your financial losses are as a result.

We will then take the next necessary legal steps to help you collect damages. This includes preparing a letter of claims, and setting out the factual background and relevant act of negligence that caused you a loss. The court rules require such a letter before any court action is taken under the Pre-Action Protocol for professional negligence. Based on how the professional responds, we will then help you take the next appropriate steps, including negotiation, litigation and other options.

Are You a Professional Charged With Negligence?

We also help professionals who face accusations of negligence. We can advise you of the steps you can take to protect your license, reputation and livelihood. This includes helping you prepare a comprehensive answer to the charges, helping you with all administrative processes and advocating on your behalf at the relevant licensure hearing boards before which you may be required to appear.

Our experience helping people on both sides of this issue often helps us develop a comprehensive, effective strategy and anticipate arguments that may be presented.

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