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West London Architect Negligence Specialist

Property and/or Land are a vital asset to any business and the consequences of a mistake can be devastating. We have seen a significant rise in claims against architects over the last 10 years.

Professional negligence claims against architects can be complex, this is why you can be assured that with our 30 years of experience, we will work our hardest to ensure the best possible chance to obtain maximum compensation.

How to sue an architect?

Where to start when wanting to sue architect?

Firstly you will need to identify the negligence then have evidence to prove the impact of the negligence on your business with evidence of the actual mistake and/or error. Typically case examples are;

  • Wrong advice
  • Incorrect or Inadequate plans
  • Failure to obtain correct planning permission
  • Contractual issues
  • Breaching or ignoring regulations

Below are some examples of successful cases we have fought and won;

  • Architect failed to obtain planning permission for extension. Once it was made the owners had to obtain retrospective planning, which they never got thus forcing them to demolish the extension - We sued them for the total cost and compensation for cost of building, knocking down, nuisance and inconvenience - with final settlement being in excess of £85,000
  • Architect served notices in JCT contract for a construction firm which turned out to be negligent (i.e the preparation of the paperwork was incorrect) - thus resulting in the builder paying the amount. We successfully sued them for damages of £105,000
  • Property developer bought a building with a view of redevelopment. The plans an incorrect square footage calculation. The developer sold it on and the square footage turned out to be smaller and thus it was mis-sold to the current owner who is suing the developer who then sued the architect. We found the architect liable and successfully awarded our client £200,00

Our specialists will work closely with you to ensure that you have the very best grounds to make a claim and to prove to the court how the actions of your architect lead directly to your financial loss.

Funding your claim

Funding your claim is easy at Ronald Fletcher & Co. Our many years of experience and expertise in the area of professional negligence of architects allow us to fund most cases on a NO WIN, NO FEE agreement.

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