Dental Negligence

West London Dental Negligence Specialist

Dental treatment can cause a range of complications. Thousands of people have dental treatment daily without any problems or complications however there is always treatments that do not go to plan and result in complications and further problems.

The dentist is responsible for providing the correct treatment and aftercare to his or her patients. Failure to do so is dental negligence and thus is a form of personal injury, entitling you to compensation.

We have found that in London alone there has been significant rise in such claims over the last 10 years.

Typically the types of compensation claims we have are:

• Misdiagnosis of a dental problem

• Wrong dental treatment administered

• Negligence or Poor quality of dental work

• Dentist failing to recognise if a patent has an allergy to treatment.

Some examples of client claim that we have successfully won compensation for:

• Failure to recognise dental disease - An example of this would be the failure to recognise decay in a tooth which resulted in the extraction of the tooth and damage to the gum.

• Unnecessary work - An example of this would be a client having a hole drilled into the tooth a healthy tooth and fillings installed.

• Faulty work resulting in persistent pain or disease - An example of this would be a Detached reamer from root canal treatment resulting in the client having parts remaining in the gum causing the removal of bone for corrective treatment.

• Removal of wrong tooth. An example would be the wrongful removal of baby teeth.

• Faulty or unhygienic dental instruments. An example of this would be dentists failing to maintain equipment to high standards.

Claiming Compensation - Contact an Expert

If you have a medical negligence you could be entitled to compensation. Call our team on 0207 624 0041 for your free initial telephone advice and to book an appointment. Our London solicitors for negligence claims look forward to helping you resolve your legal issues. No-win no-fee arrangements are available for some medical negligence cases.