Accountant's negligence

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Accountants are vital to any business with a great deal of responsibility. With businesses and/or individuals relying on the accounts as a basis to make critical decisions.

Accountants can be negligence resulting in devastating consequences for business and/or individuals.

Can I sue an accountant?

Yes, of course you can!

However it is important to determine if the accountant has actually been negligent or has provided an inadequate service. Sadly providing an inadequate service is not enough to make a claim.

An example of this would be a delay in producing the annual accounts. Whilst this can be highly irritating, this would be classified as providing an inadequate service.

Unless it can be proved that the delay has caused a financial loss. It would not be possible to sue your accountant for providing an inadequate service.

How to sue an accountant?

Firstly we would need to establish what you wish to sue the accountant for and that it has occurred in the last 6 years. Then you will need to ensure you have solid evidence that reflects the damage caused by the accountant's negligence.

Below are examples of cases we have fought with compensation we have won;

  • Accountant negligence caused an incorrect calculation of capital gains tax on the sale of a building - we successfully proved him liable and claimed for the difference in tax and damages amassing to £70,000.
  • Accountants failed to value the company correctly for a sale of business resulting an in an over valuation, the new owners sued the accountants for miss guidance and were awarded £200,000.

Our specialists will work closely with you to ensure that you have the very best grounds to make a claim and to prove to the court how the actions of your accountant and the services they provided fell short of what you could have reasonably expected and that this lead directly to your financial loss.

Funding your claim

Funding your claim is easy at Ronald Fletcher & Co. Our many years of experience and expertise in the area of professional negligence of accountants allow us to fund most cases on a NO WIN, NO FEE agreement.

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