Professional negligence: What are my options?


There are many instances in which you can be a victim of professional negligence. These can include dental malpractice and losing money on a real estate purchase as a result of a surveyor or architect's blunder. If you have indeed lost out due to professional negligence, rest assured that there are legal remedies - even if making use of them could necessitate overcoming various obstacles. Here, we detail a range of options open to you in the event of professional negligence.

Got a good claim? We can be the judge of that

If you think that you have a good claim for negligence from a London professional, then you can, of course, turn to us. Our professional negligence solicitors can handle a wide range of claims, including those relating to solicitor's, medical or dental negligence. You can read a much more detailed list of the kinds of claims that we can focus on ; however, when you come to us with your claim, what exactly can you expect us to do?

Basically, we can assess whether you really do have a good claim, carry out a thorough investigation, and then let you know how you might be able to win deserved compensation. We know that claims can be difficult to prove - not least because, in order to establish that there has indeed been negligence, you must show that the concerned professional's actions have led to financial loss and harm to you. Sometimes, we may be able to help prove negligence through use of another professional's advice - and also consider the extent of your financial losses.

You also need to consider funding options

Beyond this stage, we can take whatever legal steps are necessary for helping you to get damages. However, you need to think carefully about how your legal fight will be funded. The professional defendant in the case will be backed by insurance companies providing them with what is known as Professional Indemnity Insurance, or PII. There are various funding options that you can choose from yourself to counter the defendant's financial muscle. These include pay-per-hour, where the lawyer will be paid on an hourly retainer, and 'no win, no fee' arrangements.

However, we would especially advise that you choose litigation funding. This enables you to offer a certain amount of whatever damages you win to a funder who, in return, will cover all of your legal costs. Ultimately, as this funder will be a businessman and not a lawyer, they will agree to support you only if they reckon that you have a genuinely strong case. Therefore, getting their support can be a major boost to both your financial safety and personal confidence.

We can help you with various other aspects of a legal battle

There are various choices that you have to make as you prepare to fight for the compensation you deserve. However, at Ronald Fletcher & Co. , our solicitors can help to clear confusion that you might still feel about your case and assist you in making wise decisions.