Most common acts of professional negligence


When you make use of the services of a London professional, you should expect those services to be exactly that: professional. At Ronald Fletcher & Co., we know this – which is why, should you feel that you have suffered at the hands of a professional whose assistance did not meet the necessary standard, we are willing to help you to consider and pursue a legal remedy. Though we can take on any professional negligence claim, here are several of the most common examples of such negligence.

Solicitor negligence

If a solicitor has inconvenienced you by improperly handling your legal battle, we can help you to land suitable compensation. We know that an instance of solicitor negligence – which, sadly, can happen at any stage of a legal pursuit – could devastate you both emotionally and financially. That’s why seeking financial recompense for the harm you have suffered is so crucial, and you mustn’t consider taking a legal fight to a solicitor in particular a hopeless mission.

Cosmetic surgery gone wrong

A botched cosmetic surgery job can have much worse consequences than simply blighting your physical appearance. It can also lead to unintended absence from work, an unexpectedly high number of medical bills, and long-lasting emotional pain. If you have suffered from cosmetic surgery gone wrong, our solicitors can carefully take account of your emotional needs and fight for the best outcome practically possible. We have previously acted on cosmetic surgery gone wrong cases including implant leakages and slipping, nerve damage, breast enlargement and much more .

Medical negligence

Otherwise known as clinical negligence, this is the type of professional negligence which concerns injury by any kind of medical professional. Our definition of medical professionals includes doctors, physiatrists and dentists. For a medical negligence claim to succeed, the onus is on the unsatisfied patient to prove – with evidence – that the medical professional who has treated them has, in the process, been guilty of incompetence, malpractice and negligence. This patient is required to show that a “reasonable” professional would not have followed the same course of action.

Architect negligence

With its property or area of land being vital to a company’s success, an architectural blunder on this property or land can have a devastating impact. We have noticed a considerable increase in negligence claims against architects during the last decade. This is problematic not only for the obvious reasons, but also because such claims can be complex and, therefore, call for thorough and expert legal assistance. Thankfully, our London solicitors are capable of providing exactly that.

Educational negligence

While educational negligence is rarer than numerous types of professional negligence, if you have become seriously affected by an educational provider’s negligence, pursuing compensation has its own challenges. This is due to the institutionalised nature of the UK’s educational organisations, which can often make such a legal fight time-consuming and expensive. So, for an educational negligence case, seeking a high standard of legal advice should be a huge priority. You should ideally aim for an out-of-court settlement with the accused party.