Cycling accidents: How you can claim


If you’ve been affected by an accident involving cycling, evidence suggests you are far from alone. However, this simple fact is unlikely to reassure you if the accident has occurred recently and you are still suffering from it. Here at Ronald Fletcher & Co., we can assist you in recovering compensation for this suffering; this article will explain how you can make a claim.

Just how common are cycling accidents in the UK?

Are they among the most common types of accidents in the country? It’s difficult to judge this in want of sufficiently comprehensive and reliable figures, but what formal statistics we do have at hand suggest that, yes, they are.

Figures published by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents indicate that 2014 saw 21,287 cyclists injured in reported road accidents. Of these cyclists, 3,514 were killed or seriously injured. However, these figures account only for cyclists injured or killed in road accidents that were actually reported to the police – the RoSPA points out that many cyclist casualties aren’t.

This is the case even for some incidents where the cyclist is so badly injured that they are taken to hospital. Also excluded are accidents that take place off-road. RoSPA says that, while the death count mentioned above is accurate, the genuine number of slightly injured cyclists could be double, while the actual number of seriously injured cyclists might be two or three times higher.

How people can be financially beset by cycling accidents

What the above figures also fail to take account of are people who suffer injury from cycling accidents but weren’t doing the cycling – so, pedestrians, for example. And there are many different ways in which people could suffer in the aftermath of such accidents…

They could, say, experience a loss of earnings due to suffering personal injury or a loved one suffering injury or even death. Maybe they have a vehicle, whether that be a bicycle, car, motorbike or something else, that was damaged in the accident and so they need to pay for repairs for. Maybe they also need to pay for an engineer’s inspection, or friends’ and family members’ treatments aimed at soothing the injury. If the victim has developed a disability as a result of the injury, they might also need to pay for their home to be modified for helping them to cope with this.

Act to benefit from our legal expertise

Thankfully, all of the above examples of costs include what you can claim financial compensation for. Here at Ronald Fletcher & Co., we have a road accident department that can take on your case. In doing this, the department can negotiate vehicle repairs and sort out claim settlements with insurers. We will also, if possible, take on your case without charging you.

If you think you have a good case for compensation, then please phone us on 0207 624 0041 for initial advice free-of-charge and to arrange an appointment with us. This will allow us to discuss the situation further.