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Claiming injury damages after an accident can be a complex and lengthy process but the earlier you seek expert legal advice, the better your chances. If the accident was not your fault you should be able to claim damages from the individual or organisation responsible.
Speak to personal injury specialists for prompt advice on how they can help you secure the compensation you deserve.

To succeed, they will need to prove the other party had a legal duty of care towards you and that this duty was breached, causing your injuries. They will need as much information as possible from you about how and where the accident occurred: your recollections and that of any witnesses to the accident. Those memories will be much fresher shortly after the accident than weeks or months later when time diminishes your memory.

In addition, witnesses might move away and it can prove difficult to trace them. And the longer you leave seeking legal advice, the greater the opportunity for inaccuracies in the information provided by you and any witnesses.

If your solicitor advises you to make a claim, obtaining early medical reports is also important: they can arrange this for you. The nature of the accident and the extent and seriousness of your injuries may well dictate how quickly they can act on your behalf; but it is important to take early steps. You may still be receiving treatment for your injuries. But the medical expert will be able to ascertain what injuries you sustained as a direct result of the incident, the extent and how long it should take you to recover.

Obtaining early legal advice means it is easier for your solicitor to investigate your claim and get the necessary information together. You also have a better chance of getting an early admission of liability from the person or organisation responsible. Securing an admission of liability is important because it means they can avoid the stress of having to go to court on your behalf.

You have three years from the date of the incident to make a claim for personal injury damages (longer in the case of a child), but do not leave it longer than you have to - otherwise you could jeopardise your claim. The sooner you get legal advice and make your claim, the better.

However, it's important to bear in mind that acting quickly does not guarantee you will be able to claim damages. It means your chances are much greater.

You need a solicitor that acts on a no win no fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless the case is won for you.

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