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Personal injury claims are increasingly stemming from industrial diseases. The symptoms of some industrial diseases can take many years to develop and long after the individual has left the workplace where the disease was first caused. If you think you are entitled to claim personal injury compensation for an industrial disease, speak to our personal injury specialists at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors for prompt advice on how we can help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Employers have a legal duty under health and safety legislation to ensure their workers' health, safety and welfare are protected in the workplace. However, working conditions are sometimes substandard and employees can fall ill, whether with minor illnesses or fatal diseases.

Causes range from different types of dust found in quarries, factories and foundries; chemicals and dyes; synthetic materials; rubber and cleaning agents. RSI is caused by continuous, repetitive movement that affects the muscles, tendons and other soft tissues - often in the arms and hands.

Vibration white finger is a similar condition affecting the circulation of blood to the fingers and hand. It is usually caused by using vibrating hand-held tools over a long a period of time.

Deafness, whether total or partial hearing loss, is caused by lengthy exposure to industrial noise and particularly affects workers in the engineering, construction and manufacturing industrials.

Common industrial diseases are asbestosis, lung cancer, and further types of cancer and deafness. Other common conditions that result from poor conditions in the workplace include dermatitis, asthma, bladder problems and repetitive strain injury (RSI).

To make a successful personal injury claim for an industrial disease, you need to seek urgent legal advice and our expert personal injury solicitors at Ronald Fletcher & Co will give you the prompt help you need. We will assess your illness or condition, talk to you about your employment history and advise you on whether you have a reasonable chance of success. To succeed in a claim, we will need to prove the employer had a legal duty of care towards you and that this duty was breached, causing your condition.

If you are an employee or ex-employee considering taking personal injury action against an employer as a result of an industrial disease or condition relating to your working conditions, contact the expert industrial disease lawyers at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors for expert legal help.

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