Need to make a compensation claim for medical negligence? Act quickly and call the expert personal injury lawyers at Ronald Fletcher and Co now for expert advice.

If you have suffered injury or sickness at the hands of doctors, nurses or other health care practitioners, and want sound legal advice on how to secure compensation, the expert solicitors at Ronald Fletcher and Co can help.

There are few occasions in life when we are more vulnerable than when placing our health and wellbeing into the hands of medical professionals and health care providers. Fortunately, the vast majority of doctors, surgeons, nurses and other health professionals provide an expert service, combining medical expertise with concern and empathy.

However, there are times when those who are most equipped to care for our health and safety are negligent or at fault, and on those occasions the impact can be disastrous. Whether an oversight in paperwork leading to an error in prescribed medicine, lax attention to health and safety procedures which should be carefully monitored and maintained, or more serious lack of medical or nursing care, our expert team can advise on how to identify those at fault, and make a claim for compensation.

A recent case at the Whittington Hospital in London demonstrates how devastating the consequences of medical negligence can be. A Crouch End teenager choked on her own vomit, suffering oxygen deprivation leading to catastrophic brain injury which eventually proved fatal. The fault has been found to lie with the nurses who ought to have closely monitored her condition, ensuring that she was prevented from suffering such serious consequences.

Such serious cases are thankfully rare indeed - but if you have cause to believe that your illness or injury is the result of a failed or faulty medical procedure or other malpractice on the part of a health care provider, or even an administrative error relating to improper prescription, the team of expert medical negligence solicitors at Ronald Fletcher and Co can provide instant, expert help.

We focus on giving honest, straightforward advice, guiding you through the key elements of making a compensation claim for medical negligence:

  • Has your health has suffered as a result of negligence or malpractice on the part of a health care provider?
  • Can we show conclusively that those you are accusing are at fault for your illness or injury?
  • Does the sum to be claimed in compensation meet or exceed £1000?
  • Does the faulty party have means to meet the claim - either personally, or through an insurer?

The lawyers at Ronald Fletcher & Co understand that you may well be anxious and distressed after your incident, and we combine incisive, timely advice with sensitivity to the needs of our clients. And we operate on a no-win no-fee basis, making sure you can have full peace of mind, so that you will take home the full sum of compensation claimed. Call us now on 0207 624 0041 or send us an email, and our expert team will respond promptly with sound, intuitive legal advice.