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Have you lost a close relative following a non-accidental death and wish to claim damages for the loss of your loved one, and for the loss of financial support? The fatal accident specialists at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors are experienced in dealing with the devastation fatal accidents cause to family members. We understand the emotional trauma involved and deal with these cases with sympathy and care our clients deserve.

If you are seeking compensation following a loved one's death, speak to our expert fatal accident and personal injury lawyers at Ronald Fletcher & Co for prompt advice on how we can help you secure the compensation you are legally entitled to.

Whether the death occurred during a road traffic accident, at work, in hospital or elsewhere - if the accident was the result of someone else's negligence or breach of duty you are legally entitled to claim fatal accident compensation. In most cases, compensation claims are made against the insurance company of the defendant in your case. It is the insurance company who will pay the damages that are successfully negotiated - or awarded by the court in successful court action.

Our lawyers have years of experience successfully negotiating appropriate financial settlements on behalf of our clients claiming fatal accident compensation. We will strive to negotiate a just settlement on your behalf and will seek to avoid litigation in the court where possible to minimise the emotional trauma court action can add to what our clients are already suffering.

Fatal accident claims are usually made up of two parts:

1. Dependency claims and compensation for pain and suffering up to the date of death. This includes compensation for any financial loss you may have suffered between the date of your loved one's injury and the date of death, as well as funeral expenses.

It also includes claims for loss of financial support that you would have received were it not for your loved one's death. For instance, the deceased may have contributed to the household earnings covering monthly mortgage repayments, general household expenses, childcare costs and so on.

We can give you a full breakdown on all the potential financial losses you have the legal right to claim for.

2. Bereavement claims: close relatives who are bereaved and were dependant on the deceased can also claim a statutory sum for their bereavement. The amount is currently fixed at £11,800. For more information on this, see our article on statutory bereavement claims. [click on this to take to appropriate link]

For expert, prompt and sympathetic legal advice Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors are available to help you now. You need not be concerned with any paperwork until we have seen you as we will initially explain the process to you before going through what documents we will need to support your claim.

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