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The majority of unwanted tattoos today are safely removed by laser by medically qualified and practicing in a clinical setting. However, negligent or careless removal of tattoos can cause personal injury such as burns, scarring, infection and emotional trauma. If you require legal advice from a personal injury expert on claiming compensation following the negligent removal of a tattoo, our personal injury specialists at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors have the experience you need.

By law, laser tattoo removal practitioners must carry out their work appropriately with reasonable skill and care. And they must ensure they comply with relevant health and safety laws. Statistics suggest around half of people with tattoos will want their tattoo removed later, whether the tattoo was done on the spur of the moment, they later regret having the tattoo - or simply for professional, employment or social reasons.

Laser tattoo removal can be costly, and involves passing a beam of high intensity light through the skin to break down the tattoo ink. This is performed over a number of sessions

depending on the size and colour of the tattoo. The skin naturally absorbs the broken down ink until the tattoo has completely disappeared.

Using laser treatment carries a risk but the level of risk in each case largely depends on the qualifications, experience and skill of the practitioner. You should expect to have received an appropriate assessment before treatment has commenced. If a patient is not properly assessed, permanent scarring can result - resulting emotional damage may also be a factor. There is the added risk of infection which laser tattoo removers must manage appropriately. Post-treatment care of patients is therefore important.

An alternative method of tattoo removal is micro pigmentation treatment - a form of permanent make up injected into the tattoo. If the micro pigmentation is, for instance, of poor quality, or an appropriate pre-treatment assessment was not performed and the patient suffers scarring or other injury, the clinic may be liable for personal injury damages.

If you or a relative have suffered injury, infection or scarring as a result of inadequate pre-treatment assessments, poorly performed tattoo removal, or a failure in post-treatment care, speak to our expert personal injury lawyers at Ronald Fletcher & Co. We can help you claim the compensation you deserve, as well as claiming other losses you may have incurred such as loss of earnings, corrective treatment and other medical costs. You may also be able to claim for emotional damage but we will advise you on this issue.

The personal injury solicitors at Ronald Fletcher & Co are adept at dealing with injury claims sensitively and acting promptly. Tattoo removal claims are invariably made against the clinics' public liability insurers and we are experienced at negotiating settlements with insurers to avoid going to court.

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