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The expert personal injury solicitors at Ronald Fletcher & Co have years of experience in fatal accident claims, and understand that the aftermath of a fatal road traffic incident is profoundly distressing for bereaved dependents, family and friends. If you have you lost a partner or close family member in a fatal accident, and need expert legal advice to secure compensation for damages, and for loss of future earnings, our expert team can help you negotiate the complex law surrounding compensation.

A recent catastrophic car accident in Northern Ireland, in which a young woman from London was fatally injured and four others were wounded, demonstrates how suddenly a relaxed day out can transform into the most devastating incident, with life-ending and life-changing consequences for those involved, and for their families. With two vehicles involved, and another passenger suffering potentially life-threatening injuries, the outcome of the accident has been devastating for the families and friends of all concerned.

The law provides for those who are left behind after fatal events, ensuring that families - and particularly dependents - are able to make compensation claims. We understand that no sum of money can adequately compensate for the loss of a loved one, but that financial assistance can help ease some of the practical worries that are inevitable after fatal road traffic incident. In most cases, the defendant will carry insurance that will enable a claim to be made without placing an impossible financial burden on the party at fault.

There are two key parts to making a fatal accident compensation claim, and our expert lawyers will guide you through the process.

The first part of making a claim deals with compensation for pain and suffering leading up to the date of death, for loss of earnings during the period between the incident and the death, and for funeral costs.

The second part focuses not on the deceased but on their dependents, who are no longer able to rely on the financial support of a parent, spouse, grandparent, partner or other individual who provided significant financial input and day-to-day care. Under the provisions of the Fatal Accidents Act 1976, we are able to make a claim for compensation based on a number of factors. The law understands that a dependent may have relied on the victim for a range of activities of which financial support is only one part: other elements might include contributions to family life such as childcare or tending to the home.

You can read more about how our expert solicitors can help bereaved families secure the compensation they deserve here and find out about statutory sums for bereavement and dependency claims here.

At Ronald Fletcher and Co we operate a no-win no-fee basis, so that you keep all compensation, and can rest assured that you need not worry about financial implications of making a claim at one of the most distressing and anxious periods any person can suffer. Call our team of expert lawyers now on 0207 624 0041 or send us an email, and our expert team will respond immediately with the sensitive, understanding and expert advice our clients deserve.