Need a lawyer? Avoid claims management companies

Whatever your legal issue, whether you wish to claim personal injury compensation, make a Will or if you have a landlord and tenant issue, it is wise to be cautious when considering who to go to for legal help.

Today, for instance, there are many claims management organisations sleekly advertising their services to potential clients considering a personal injury claim, but may not provide the best service they deserve. A common feature of these set ups is that many staff, and in some cases the majority of staff are not legally qualified, and cannot litigate in court where a settlement is not negotiated.

Worryingly, there is a rise in the number of complaints against claims companies. Claims management organisations cannot always guarantee sufficient expertise to negotiate fair personal injury settlements. Some claims management companies retain an unreasonably large portion of compensation awarded. On the other hand, most solicitors working on a 'no win no fee' basis do not retain part of the compensation won.

Some unsuspecting clients of claims companies respond to televised advertisements, the company takes on the case, only for the case to be sold onto a solicitor's firm for a few hundred pounds' profit. It's apparent why it makes sense to go straight to a firm of solicitors.

If you ask a claims management company to deal with your personal injury claim, you may expose yourself to the risk that the matter will not be dealt with properly, timely or cost-efficiently. There is also the risk that the case will be passed around a team of unqualified case-workers and, whilst invariably under the supervision of a qualified lawyer, your matter may not have the detailed attention a solicitor in a law firm would afford it throughout the time required to resolve the matter.

Choosing the right organisation for your legal issue is imperative. Selecting a reputable law firm at the start could make all the difference. We at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors will deal with your matter expertly and with dedication by qualified and experienced lawyers.

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