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Have you suffered an injury in a public place or on someone else's property through no fault of your own? If you have, you may be able to make a claim for compensation against the property owner and or its occupier. The public liability and occupiers' liability compensation solicitors at Ronald Fletcher can you give you expert, prompt and strategic advice on the merits of your potential claim.

Legal duty

Property owners and occupiers have a legal duty to ensure their visitors are protected from the risk of harm. Where this duty is breached and someone is injured as a result, a Public Liability personal injury claim may be made.

Occupiers' Liability

Public Liability includes Occupiers' Liability which relates both to the duty of property owners, and those having a measure of control over their premises, towards individuals who are using the property. The property owner and occupier are often one and the same person or organisation. However, (confusingly for some) the term 'public liability' is often used to refer to occupier's liability.

An occupier is legally obliged to ensure the reasonable safety of people using their premises. If this duty is breached resulting in injury, the injured party is likely to have a strong case for personal injury compensation. Examples of where occupiers' liability claims might arise, are:

· Shops and shopping malls;

· Sports and leisure centres;

· Restaurants; and

· Car parks.

Warning signs

It is common for individuals injured on someone else's premises to be deterred from making a claim because there was a warning sign out a potential risk or injury. However, warning signs are often ineffective at law and legal advice should always be sought when injury has occurred in public places - whether or not a warning sign was present.

Public liability

Local authorities owe a legal duty of care toward individuals who use public places that are under their control, including:

· Roads and pavements - these must be kept in a good state or repair; and pose no danger or injury to vehicle drivers, passengers and pedestrians;

· Public parks - exposed tree stumps, poorly maintained playgrounds and unguarded lakes could pose a significant risk or injury.


Public liability claims (including occupiers' liability) are usually made against the 'public liability' insurance policy of the property owner or occupier - they are required by law to hold public liability insurance to cover any personal injury claims against them.

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If you have been injured in a public place or on someone else's premises, seek legal advice as soon as practicable from expert personal injury lawyers. Occupier's liability and public liability claims are dealt with in a similar way to most personal injury claims. The injury compensation solicitors at Ronald Fletcher & Co are available to give you the help you need to start your compensation claim.

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