Injury Compensation Claims Following Shopping Centres Slip and Trip Claims With Expert Personal Injury Solicitors

Injuries sustained in slip and trip accidents in shopping centres and supermarkets frequently result in personal injury claims. If you require legal advice from a personal injury expert on making a compensation claim following a slip and trip incident, the personal injury specialists at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors have the experience you need.

Slip and trip incidents in shops are invariably the direct result of the negligence of another individual or organisation on the premises. Whether the accident took place inside a shop, in a shopping centre or on a shopping mall concourse, the local authority or the organisation controlling the premises is legally responsible to pay compensation if it was negligent.

These organisations have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of members of the public using their premises. This may mean, for instance, ensuring spillages are promptly cleared, obstructions are removed from the way of pedestrians and shoppers, shelves are safely stacked and escalators are working properly. If they fail in their duty resulting in injury, they must be held to account.

Ronald Fletcher & Co have years of experience in dealing with Public Liability claims of this kind. Organisations responsible for shops and shopping centres must have Public Liability insurance and our personal injury professionals are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and negotiating fair settlements for individuals injured in slip and trip incidents in shopping centres. In addition, we have a track record in negotiating early but fair settlements to avoid costly court actions.

If you wish to make a claim, take prompt legal advice as this will make it easier for us to determine your chances of success. Delays can make our job more difficult.

What information will we need?

In slip and trip cases, there are types of evidence that can substantially help your case including:

  • Photographic evidence of the cause of your injury
  • Measurements of, for instance, uneven surfaces
  • Details of any witnesses
  • Details of where the incident took place
  • Details of your injuries: photographic evidence is useful, but GP and or hospital records are also important. It is highly likely we will need to obtain an expert medical report on your injuries
  • Details of other losses: eg lost wages, prescription costs and travel expenses.

There are occasions when it is unclear who is responsible for slip and trip injuries. The more information you can provides us with, the easier it will be for us to give you an informed opinion of the merits or otherwise of a potential claim.

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