Injury Compensation Claims Following Dog Bites – consult our Expert Personal Injury Solicitors

Dog bites can cause severe injury or death, with children particularly vulnerable to the worst of dog bite injuries. A woman recently died in a London hospital after contracting rabies following a dog bite, and though she was bitten while on holiday abroad, the tragic news demonstrates the risks associated with dog bites. If you require legal advice from a personal injury expert on claiming compensation following a dog bite, the personal injury specialists at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors have the experience you need.

Dog owners and handlers have a legal duty to protect others from risk of injury from their dogs. The numbers of dog attacks have increased in recent years and some breeds are particularly known for being unpredictable and aggressive without warning.

If dog owners fail to take reasonable steps to protect others - whether members of the public or family members - and the dog attacks someone, the trauma and injury is frequently devastating with lasting physical and or mental scars. Injured individuals have the legal right to seek compensation from those responsible.

The personal injury lawyers at Ronald Fletcher & Co deal with injury compensation claims with sensitivity, and we are particularly aware of the acute trauma inflicted when a dog attacks someone - an experience that is invariably terrifying. Children cases involving dog bites require particular understanding.

We will advise you on whether you have a reasonable case. To do this, you must be able to provide the relevant information to enable us to tell you your chances of success. We will need:

  • The identity of the dog owner
  • The details of any witnesses to the attack
  • A police incident report (or the number so we can obtain it on your behalf)
  • Any photographs of the injuries and subsequent scarring

We will also need to find out if the dog has any history of attacking people. Claiming injury compensation following a dog bite can be a complex process and the more information you can provide us with at the beginning, the more efficient our advice will be. Where possible, we will negotiate a fair compensation sum on your behalf. But we are prepared to commence proceedings in court if necessary and will aggressively pursue the right level of compensation on your behalf.

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