Injured at work and want to claim personal injury compensation from your employer?

The inquest of a construction worker killed while working on the Lancasters development in Bayswater two years ago has recently concluded. Anton Dochev was on a cigarette break when a scaffolding pole fell from a height, hitting him on his head. The inquest heard that the smoking area was in the wrong location and the failure to close it was 'gross mismanagement'.

Have you been injured in an accident at work that could have been avoided? Have you lost a relative who has been killed as a result of a workplace accident? If so, seek expert legal advice as soon as possible on whether you have grounds to make a compensation claim. Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors have years of experience representing individuals who have been injured at work. Some of our clients for whom we have successfully secured compensation suffered serious, life changing injuries while others sustained minor cuts and bruises. Whatever your injuries, we can advise you on making a claim.

If you are employed, your employer has a duty of care towards you under health and safety legislation to ensure you are adequately protected while you are working. However, accidents at work are frequently the result of inadequate training on equipment and production lines, and substandard equipment. If your employer has breached its duty of care resulting in your injuries, it is legally responsible to pay damages to compensate you for the injuries sustained and other financial losses sustained as a result of the incident.

Employers are required by law to maintain employers' liability insurance to cover the risk of workplace accidents. When we make personal injury claims for workplace injuries we usually negotiate with the insurance company and not the employer. We at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors have considerable experience in dealing with workplace accidents, successfully negotiating numerous fair settlements with insurance companies.

If you instruct us, we will resort to the courts only when we cannot negotiate a sufficiently fair and just settlement on your behalf. We are adept at communicating effectively with the employer concerned and with other appropriate organisations such as the Health and Safety Executive. We approach our clients' cases with the necessary tact that is required particularly when they are still employed by the same organisation.

If you have been injured at work, whether in a factory or in the office, it is important to report it to your employer and to the Health and Safety Executive. Make sure the accident is formally logged. To enable us at Ronald Fletcher & Co to consider and progress your claim, we will also need as much information as possible including medical records, photographs of the scene, witness statements and any police reports relating to the incident .

Take legal advice as soon as possible as you have a limited time under law in which to make your claim. Ronald Fletcher & Co operates on a 'no win, no fee' basis meaning you keep all the compensation we secure for you. Call us now on 0207 624 0041 or send us an email

For more information on this area of our practice, see our personal injury page.