Have you suffered illness or injury at work? Contact the expert personal injury lawyers at Ronald Fletcher straight away to secure the compensation you deserve

If you have sustained an injury at work due to negligent health and safety practices, or have suffered illness because of poorly-maintained work premises or failure to protect the wellbeing of employees, you could be entitled to compensation. The expert team of industrial accident and work personal injury solicitors at Ronald Fletcher can help guide you through the process and ensure you secure adequate compensation.

Most employers are well aware of the crucial importance of providing employees with safe, secure, well-ventilated premises that provide a pleasant and healthy working environment. Whilst there has been inevitable mockery of 'Health and Safety' guidelines, most of us will be thankful that we are entitled to work in an environment that poses no threat to our safety.

However, there are always incidents that demonstrate how serious the effects of an unsafe working environment can be. A recent incident in which the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Guernsey was found to have deadly asbestos in a cupboard despite rigorous legislation to protect against asbestosis shows that even with the best intentions, it is impossible to be absolutely certain that no illness or injury can be sustained in a work environment.

At Ronald Fletcher, our expert personal injury lawyers have many years' expertise in guiding individuals through the legal process to ensure that they receive proper compensation for illness or injury sustained at work - whether slip-and-trip injuries, serious accidents sustained whilst operating machinery, or even chronic illness such as contact dermatitis caused by inadequate protection. It is easy to think that only working environments such as workshops or building sites present a danger to employees, but at Ronald Fletcher we know that improper training or something so simple as an exposed cable can have potentially devastating consequences.

It is always in your interests to seek legal advice as soon as possible, so that the expert lawyers at Ronald Fletcher can begin to gather the necessary information to make a claim on your behalf. We are sensitive to the aftermath of accidents which can leave you feeling vulnerable and anxious, and will always do our best to provide you with both expert help, and total peace of mind. As we operate a no-win, no-fee policy, you can rest assured that you will receive the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled. Email now or call on 0207 624 0041 for swift sound legal advice.