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If you have suffered at the hands of a negligent or incompetent holiday service provider - such as an airline, hotel, tour package operator or cruise line - you could be entitled to compensation. At Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors, we are experienced in handling all kinds of holiday compensation claims, and are waiting to give you swift, effective legal advice.

This is the time of year when thoughts turn to our holidays. A well-earned rest after a long hard winter is often the highlight of the year, whether travelling alone, in a group or as part of a holiday.

When holidays go disastrously wrong, the consequences can include significant financial loss and even illness or injury, or emotional and psychological distress. Recent news coverage of the stricken Carnival cruise ship showed passengers enduring cramped and unsanitary conditions - and some are taking legal action against the Carnival cruise line.

Whilst the terms and conditions of passage restricted passengers from claiming for emotional distress, lawyers can provide advice on whether terms are unfair, and a claim can still be made. The expert injury solicitors at Ronald Fletcher can provide advice on all issues relating to holiday compensation claims, including whether your contract was unfair.

Holiday compensation claims may be brought against a negligent provider for a range of reasons, including:

· Failure to implement appropriate health and safety procedures

· Contagious diseases (such as Norovirus) spread by poor hygiene

· Slip, trip or fall injuries

The type and scale of a claim will take into account a number of factors, including:

· Financial outlay, for example additional hotel or travel costs

· Loss of earnings

· Compensation for physical injury

· Compensation for emotional distress

At Ronald Fletcher Solicitors, our expert litigation lawyers have handled many holiday compensation claims, for individuals and families and for groups, such as groups of passengers bringing a joint claim against an airline or cruise line. And we operate a no-win no-fee policy, so that you can rest assured you will receive the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Holiday compensation claims can be made up to three years after the incident - but it is always in your best interests to act as soon as possible. Call Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors now on 0207 624 0041 or email us via our website, and we can begin acting on your behalf.