Could there be a mistake in your Will, or thinking of making your own Will?

In an important case, the courts recently held that a married couple's 'mirror' Wills were not enforceable because the husband accidentally signed the wife's Will - and the wife signed his Will. They intended leaving their estates to each other and, when the survivor of them died, their assets were supposed to go to their 'adopted' son. In reality, legal formalities for the adoption never actually took place meaning that only the next of kin were entitled to the estate under the intestacy rules. The clerical error could not be undone as the law stands.

Have you made your own Will or reviewed your existing Will recently? Are you thinking about making your own Will? It is crucially important to take the advice of expert Wills solicitors and we at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors can advise you on all aspects of your Will so that mistakes this can be avoided.

The law lays downs strict instructions on how a Will should be signed and witnessed. This is for your protection and helps ensure your assets pass to your chosen loved ones when you die. There are many dangers in making your own Will or having an unqualified 'Will-writer' draft it for you and the best placed professionals to draft your Will are qualified lawyers.

Don't be tempted to make your own Will without expert legal advice. Even the simplest mistake could lead to severe consequences for your loved ones and could result in your assets passing to family members on your death who you would not want to inherit. Mistakes can also cost your estate thousands of pounds in legal costs - something you will want to avoid. Even if you already have a Will, it is important to check it has been properly drafted, signed and executed for your peace of mind. It should also be regularly reviewed. The Wills and probate solicitors at Ronald Fletcher & Co will be pleased to do this for you.

It is never too early to make your Will, but many leave it until it is too late. The Wills and probate solicitors at Ronald Fletcher & Co can advise you whether it is your first one or reviewing an existing Will. If you need a new Will drawn up we can do this for you promptly.

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