Compensation claims against conveyancing solicitors - consult our Expert Professional Negligence Solicitors

Have you bought or sold a property and suffered financial loss because of a poor legal service? Have you taken a lease or a tenancy and not been correctly advised on its terms? If you believe your conveyancing solicitor was negligent and you have suffered financial loss, the expert professional negligence solicitors at Ronald Fletcher & Co can take prompt action on your behalf.
Buying and selling land is often a straightforward process, particularly if you have a knowledgeable conveyancing lawyer dealing with your transaction. However, conveyancing transactions involve many steps before completion and the procedure can be complex. As a result, poor conveyancing results in the highest number of professional negligence claims against solicitors compared with other areas of law.
Each stage in a property transaction must be completed properly and timely to protect your interests. If there is an error in a particular stage, a serious problem could arise - and you may not realise the consequences until after the transaction has been finalised, when it is probably too late.
Negligence by property solicitors can take many forms including:

  • Not taking into account clients' specific instructions
  • Failing to advise fully on the extent of the land
  • Failure to ensure the plan of the land is accurate
  • Failure to properly advise on the ownership of boundaries
  • Failing to advise on the implications of joint ownership, particularly in the event of a relationship breakdown
  • Failure to identify defects in the legal title to or ownership of the property
  • Failure to register property at the Land Registry
  • Failure to pay off a seller's mortgage on your property purchase
  • Failure to advise on a restriction affecting the property
  • Missing an important deadline

The lawyers at Ronald Fletcher & Co are experienced in professional negligence claims and are adept at quickly recognising whether a client has suffered a poor legal service. In some cases and where we feel it is appropriate, we may also be able to obtain a court order that another party take action as well as claiming financial compensation.
If you wish to claim compensation following a poor service by property lawyers, it is important you formally complain to the firm concerned as soon as you can, setting out your complaint in writing. You can either write to them or complete the Law Society's 'resolution form' which we can provide for you. You should receive a detailed reply from the firm within 24 hours.
If your property transaction has not yet been completed, consult with our lawyers without delay as it is possible we may be able to take over your case and bring the transaction to a satisfactory and timely conclusion. Whatever the nature of your complaint, we will work with you to explain your rights and let you know if you have a good case.
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