Compensation Claims Against Architects - Consult our Expert professional Negligence Solicitors

Have you suffered financial loss, or damage to a home or business property, because of faulty service from an architect? Do you feel short-changed by a negligent company that failed to deliver an effective, professional service? The team of expert professional negligence solicitors at Ronald Fletcher & Co can take prompt action on your behalf, and provide swift, clear advice on the best way forward.

With the recent property boom and a thriving buy-to-let market, more and more businesses and private individuals are engaging the services of architect firms, whether developing new properties or making modifications to an existing building. Converting or expanding a home is perhaps one of the most stressful projects an individual can undertake, risking not only financial loss but the security and safety of the family home.

Architects are a well-regulated profession, and most clients need have no worries. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Architects Regulation Board together oversee the work of architects in the UK, and help to ensure a high standard of professional service.

RIBA's three core competencies help set the standard by which all architects' work must be judged:

· Integrity: Members shall act with honesty and integrity at all times.

· Competence: Members shall act competently, conscientiously and responsibly, providing appropriate knowledge, ability and financial/technical resources.

· Relationships: Members shall respect the relevant rights and interests of others.

Most architects will meet these competencies - but in the complex process of instructing an architect and seeing initial plans comes to life, mistakes can happen. The regulators have in place a framework for complaints procedures which will be the first port of call for a dissatisfied client. However, if the complaints process can't settle the dispute, legal action will be required.

The expert team of lawyers at Ronald Fletcher & Co are experienced in negligence claims against architects, and will be able to offer swift, clear advice on whether you have suffered a poor or negligent service. We will handle every stage of the process, from obtaining all the paperwork from the architect, to setting out your financial losses, preparing a letter of claim, and taking the appropriate action.

Where appropriate, we may also be able to obtain a court order that another party take action as well as claiming financial compensation. Architects are generally well insured against negligence claims, and it is likely their insurers will pay both any agreed settlement, and your legal costs. Contact the experienced professional negligence solicitors at Ronald Fletcher & Co for prompt, strategic advice.

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