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Thinking of making a commercial property purchase? Whether part of an ongoing business plan or a new way of investing your hard-earned savings, you need legal advice that is accurate, intuitive and confidential. At Ronald Fletcher and Co solicitors, we pride ourselves on delivering expert commercial conveyancing advice. And we take into account the very latest developments, communicating in everyday, sensible language.

An exciting prospect

In the challenging economic climate of today, the property market has struggled to thrive. But as the Independent noted in a recent article, commercial property in particular can offer an exciting new prospect for those wishing to make their savings work harder. The article cites an Independent Financial Advisor who suggests returns on property are likely to be significantly higher than interest rates earned via savings accounts or ISAs. The outlook for commercial property, he says, is looking 'rosy'.

Saving for the future, building a business

There are many reasons why you might be seeking expert legal help on commercial conveyancing matters. At Ronald Fletcher Solicitors we have experience of dealing with sole traders and individuals, and with larger businesses. Whether you are looking to build on your business success, step out into an exciting new retail adventure, or get a better return on your personal savings, our team of expert commercial conveyancing lawyers are ready to assist.

The bricks and mortar

Our commercial conveyancing expertise extends to all kinds of commercial property, from retail units and workshops to cafes, restaurants and offices. The expert solicitors at Ronald Fletcher and Co will give practical, no-nonsense advice on all kinds of commercial property transaction, from purchase to tenancy renewal, commercial mortgages and new or existing leases.

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At Ronald Fletcher and Co solicitors, we understand that choosing how to invest your savings, or how to develop your business, can be an anxious time. You need to rest assured that the legal advice you seek is accurate, timely and intuitive, taking into account your own personal circumstances. Our commercial conveyancing lawyers are ready now to give you practical intuitive advice. Call us now on 0207 624 0041, or email via this website, we will give you the advice you need.