5 things to know before hiring a solicitor


If you have run into a legal issue that calls for you to hire a solicitor, there are various factors that you should carefully think through before you make your final decision. This is vital because your solicitor's abilities could significantly affect you in either your personal or business life. Before you reach a definite decision about which solicitor to hire, look over the following list and make sure that you know all of these things. This can help you to make a thoroughly informed decision.

Google is not a substitute for a qualified solicitor

For particular technical issues, you may wonder whether it is even necessary for you to seek a solicitor's service. It's true that, through using Google, you can easily access reams of legal information. Still, a search engine can't provide the same in-depth knowledge as a qualified solicitor, as advised on LinkedIn. Therefore, assuming that you lack a legal background, you should always turn to a solicitor, rather than the Internet, when you need legal advice.

Who will be handling your case

Initially, you might consider this an easy thing to know. When you hire a solicitor, it will be that solicitor who handles your case... surely? Actually, it's not always that straightforward. While, in a legal firm, that solicitor might "win" work from you, they could then delegate it to newly-qualified solicitors. However, choose us at Ronald Fletcher & Co. and it will be our senior solicitor Derek Rosenblatt, who has over three decades' experience, that you always directly deal with.

How much relevant experience the solicitor has

As personal injury claims can fall across a large variety of categories, you should check that the solicitor has suitable knowledge before you hire them. Rosenblatt, who has owned our company since 1985, has extensive experience of handling cases in areas including housing, landlord and tenant, wills and probate, elderly client care and general litigation. Therefore, you can have confidence should your legal issue be in any of these areas.

Whether you will need to see the solicitor

It is not strictly necessary to actually see your solicitor, as advised on the MagaTips website. You shouldn't need to fret if travelling to meet up with your solicitor isn't practically possible for you - as, in such a scenario, they would typically be willing to travel to you. Also consider that, in most simple cases, you won't even need to see them face-to-face, as it will be possible for most exchanges to be conducted by telephone, email and letter.

What will happen if you lose the case

Given the financial expense of hiring a solicitor, you need to consider what would happen if you lost the case. To each solicitor that you consider, you must ask whether they would be willing to insure your legal claim due to the possibility that you will lose. Asking for a "no win no fee" deal is a good idea; indeed, this kind of arrangement is an option with many cases that we can help you fight.