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Even the most highly trained doctors, nurses and surgeons can act negligently. If you believe that clinical negligence is responsible for an injury or death in your family, Ronald Fletcher & Co. can help. Few London firms can match our level of experienced, qualification and successful results. We provide skilled representation to handle your case based on what is best for you and your family.

No-win no-fee: We will work with you to find out more about your case. If possible we will take on the case at no cost to you.

London Compensation Claims Experts

Ronald Fletcher & Co. is a London specialist firm that concentrates on obtaining the full compensation you deserve for:

  • Long-term care
  • Past loss of earnings
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Future private medical costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Physical and psychological problems

Medical Negligence Solicitors in West London

From our experience, we have found medical negligence appearing in many forms. Over the years we have dealt with a range of London hospitals from the NHS to private institutions as well as local health authorities. We offer a legal service tailored to your personal needs specialising in medical negligence in London from Derek Rosenblatt (our senior solicitor), who has more than 30 years of experience. As usual we will not delegate your case to inexperienced staff and solicitors so you can be sure your case is in safe hands.

Some examples of the many types of claims we have successfully managed:

  • Failure to diagnose kidney disease
  • Failure to remove kidney stent
  • Negligent performance of breast enlargement
  • Failure of plastic surgery
  • Failure to detect or suspect and diagnose acute spinal injury
  • Failure to explain the risk/dangers prior to an operation
  • Falling off a trolley in a hospital
  • Failure to monitor patient's foot problems whilst the patient was suffering from diabetes
  • Dental negligence
  • Damaging a nerve during the course of operation causing loss of mobility of the leg
  • Failure to diagnose appendicitis in a child
  • Prescribing medicine without warning of the serious side effects
  • Negligence in the performance of a penis enlargement operation
  • Defective birth control devices
  • Birth injuries
  • Accidents at birth
  • Failure to diagnose gynaecological issues

Dental Negligence

  • Failure to recognise or account for existing dental disease
  • Unnecessary work
  • Faulty work resulting in persistent pain, disease or tissue trauma
  • Removal of wrong tooth

Cosmetic Surgery

  • Breast reduction
  • Breast enlargement
  • Scar removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Nose jobs
  • Penis enlargement
  • Lip injections
  • Botox
  • Hair transplants
  • Ear deformity

Recent Successful Claims Experts

The following are examples of recent Medical Negligence claims that Ronald Fletcher & Co have dealt with:

  • GP failed to diagnose appendicitis. Claim settled for £35,000.
  • Breast Implant went wrong. Claim settled for £12,500.
  • Surgeon damaged a nerve in an operation, causing loss of bladder control. Claim settled for £17,000.

Steps we take to a professional Negligence Claim:

  • We would obtain all the paperwork and files from the professional in question
  • We may use advise from another professional to help prove your case is negligent
  • If we can prove your claim is negligent we will consider what your financial losses are as a result.
  • We would prepare a letter of claims, setting out the factual background, act of negligence and how this has caused you a loss. The court rules require such a letter before any court action is taken under the Pre-Action Protocol for professional negligence
  • We would expect to receive a response to this letter within 3 months
  • We then take action accordingly.

Is there a time limit on a professional negligence claim?

Claims for professional negligence must be brought within 6 years of the negligence occurring and causing you a loss. In certain cases there may be different time limits we will discuss these circumstances with you.

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