Gym Injury Claim

Have you suffered an injury at the gym? The personal injury specialists at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors can help. The London 2012 Olympics are underway after seven years of planning, and a generation is being inspired to take up sport and go to the gym. But there are risks in hitting the gym when you have had little preparation, and accidents and injuries can easily be sustained without careful preparation and supervision.

If you have suffered an injury at the gym, Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors are on hand to give prompt advice on securing the compensation you deserve. Effective exercise should be done carefully whatever it is, however it is carried out and whoever is doing it.

Millions of people in the UK have gym memberships and gym managers are responsible for ensuring gym injuries are kept to a minimum. New gym users should be carefully trained in using equipment and should undergo an effective induction session to protect their health and safety. They should be properly instructed, for instance, in the use of rowing machines, step machines and weight machines otherwise injury can be sustained. Gym equipment should be regularly checked to ensure they are working properly: there are serious risks in using broken equipment.

Stringent health and safety standards are in place affecting gyms and leisure centres. When an injury does occur which could have been avoided, the gym's owner may be liable to pay compensation to the injured person.

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If managers of gyms and leisure centres breach their legal duty of care towards gym users, accidents can be serious and devastating. Whatever the nature of your gym injury, the personal injury experts at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors are on hand to recover the compensation you deserve on your behalf.

We pursue injury compensation claims vigorously and are highly experienced in negotiating early settlements with gym and leisure centres' insurance companies. We avoid going to court unless we absolutely have to. If you have suffered injury at a gym or leisure centre, seek prompt advice from our experienced injury lawyers to improve your chances of the best compensation claim.

To succeed, we will need as much information as possible from you about how and where the accident occurred, the nature of your injuries and details of the equipment as well as any witnesses to the accident. Contact the expert personal injury lawyers at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors for prompt legal advice on the merits of your potential claim.

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