Whiplash Injury Claims Following a Road Accident

Cool, damp mornings and the occasional frost are upon us, and as Autumn gets underway the incidents of whiplash injuries caused by road accidents increases. Whiplash can cause long-term discomfort; and victims can take a long time to fully recover. If you wish to claim compensation for whiplash following a car or motorcycle accident that was not your fault, seek early legal advice from the experts at personal injury specialists at Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors who have a wealth of experience in injury claims.

Whiplash injuries are one of the most common types of injury caused by road traffic accidents. Whiplash occurs when the head is suddenly jolted backwards and forwards. This can cause soft tissue injuries in the neck and or back as it is stretched abnormally and abruptly. Sometimes, the symptoms associated with whiplash are delayed: stiffness, pain and lack of mobility can take 12 hours or more to start to develop but can be wide-ranging and potentially debilitating.

Severe whiplash injuries can also cause neck swelling, headaches, back pain, pins and needles and shoulder weakness. In the worst cases, it can even affect the sufferer's vision and hearing. The solicitors at Ronald Fletcher & Co are experienced in dealing with personal injury claims following whiplash injuries of all kinds, ranging from minor cases to the most serious.

If you have sustained whiplash in a car or motorcycle accident it is important to see a doctor for proper medical treatment, even when the pain or other symptoms take time to appear. Medical records of your treatment will be an important part of our preparation in making a claim, and will be vital evidence in support of it.

Invariably, claims are made against the insurer of the vehicle involved in the crash that caused your whiplash injuries. We have a proven track record of early and successful negotiations with insurers to avoid having to go to court. However, sometimes the driver responsible for the accident flees the scene or was uninsured to drive - and it is vital the police were informed at the time. In these cases, your compensation claim will be dealt with through the Motor Insurance Bureau. Ronald Fletcher & Co are experienced in dealing with this type of case and we will talk you through how it works in practice.

When compensation is being negotiated (if liability is accepted) various factors will be taken into account including:

· how long the pain and other effects have lasted;

· the degree of pain suffered;

· what treatment you received such as physiotherapy; and

· the doctor's prognosis for your full recovery.

We can advise you on the extent of what compensation you might reasonably expect in your individual case. If liability is not accepted, we can take aggressive court action on your behalf to secure the compensation you deserve.

For prompt advice following a whiplash injury following a road accident, seek the expert advice of Ronald Fletcher & Co Solicitors, the personal injury specialists . We operate on a 'no win, no fee' basis meaning you keep all the compensation we secure for you. Call our expert personal injury solicitors now on 0207 624 0041 or send us an email.