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If you have been affected by carbon monoxide poisoning and feel that someone else is to blame, you need an expert to deal with your claim. It is a specialist area that requires care and attention. At Ronald Fletcher & Co, Derek Rosenblatt has over 30 years of experience and can take your claim on a no win no fee basis.

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas that is produced when certain fuels do not burn fully. These can be gas, oil coal or wood.
  • When these fuels burn in an enclosed space, they use up all of the oxygen in the room, which is then replaced by Carbon Dioxide. The fuel is then unable to burn properly which produces the toxic Carbon Monoxide.
  • CO has no smell or taste, so it is impossible to know that you are breathing it in.
  • CO leaks out due to incorrectly installed or poorly ventilated appliances such as central heating boilers, heaters and cookers.
  • Blocked chimneys and flues can also be to blame.

What you can claim compensation for if you have suffered Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:-

  • If you have suffered any discomfort or pain due to CO poisoning such as vomiting or headaches.
  • Loss of earnings -If you have been absent from work due to your recovery time from CO poisoning
  • Long term health problems or ongoing treatment needed as a result of CO Poisoning.
  • Repair work to your home to make it safe.

If I have been exposed to Carbon Monoxide Gas what should I do?

  • Seek medical attention immediately.
  • Have a blood test as soon as possible.
  • Take down details of any repair work undertaken including who did the work.
  • Take photos of suspect appliances and look for any staining, such as sooty marks.

It normally takes between 12 & 18 months to successfully pursue a claim.

Example of a successful Carbon Monoxide Poisoning case we won recently:-

Landlord failed to carry out annual inspection of gas appliances. A family were poisoned but survived and were rewarded £20,000 in compensation.

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